Upp Geotechnology, a division of C2Earth, Inc.


We are excited and pleased to announce that effective 1 January 2012, Upp Geotechnology is continuing operations as a division of C2Earth, Inc.

Upp Geotechnology was founded in 1983 by R. Rexford Upp and has built its well respected reputation on client responsiveness, integrity, and quality work. C2Earth, Inc. was founded by former Upp Geotechnology employees, who have over 18 years of combined experience working for Upp Geotechnology. This acquisition and the ongoing involvement of Rex, will continue the legacy and the level of service you have come to expect from Upp Geotechnology.

To ensure continuity with your project and provide you the best service, C2 Earth, Inc. has retained the technical personnel from Upp Geotechnology. For convenience, we continue to operate from our current office located at 750 Camden Avenue, Suite A, Campbell, CA, 95008. We have also added a satellite office, operating out of Aptos, CA. Our contact information will remain the same, except our e-mail addresses have change to “first name”@C2Earth.com and our fax number has changed to 866.941.6824.

If you have any questions or prosective work inquiries, please contact us. We look forward to providing you with exceptional service.

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